The Van Gogh Museum

Redesigning the Visual Experience for the Van Gogh Museum Website

Web/UI design
Year: 2022
Credit: N/A (Self-initiated project)

The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam is one of the most popular museums in the world. It contains the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings and drawings. Using the content and images from the current website, I created a completely new visual design concept for the site, including the online store.

I chose to redesign this website because, while the current website’s pop and light vibe aligns with the museum’s branding direction, it doesn’t quite capture the essence of van Gogh’s works. My goal was to create a design that feels more true to the passionate and dramatic spirit of the artist.

For this exercise project, I started researching the artist’s life and the story around his artworks.

Maintaining the original content, key pages like the landing, ticket booking, and online store pages were redesigned. The goal was to make the site cohesive and engaging, reflecting van Gogh’s passionate spirit.

The design aims to invite users to explore his world with energy and depth while maintaining a smooth user experience.

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Branding, Web design, Elementor development

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Branding, Web design, Elementor development


Short film


Branding, Web design, Elementor development

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