Breda Game City

Branding, Web / UI design, Elementor development

Identity, website design, and development for the new non-profit organization that aims to elevate the video games industry in Breda, the Netherlands.


Breda Game City is a non-profit organization established in 2022. The organization focuses on elevating the video games industry in Breda, the Netherlands and creating a professional, healthy & creative environment.


1. Brand Identity

The brand style was refined through close collaboration with the client. As I engaged with the client’s vision for the project, I gained a deeper understanding of the industry and their passionate commitment to their work. My aim was to infuse their professionalism with the playful essence associated with gaming throughout the identity.

2. Website

I began by mapping the website’s content and creating a low-fidelity wireframe. Next, I designed a mockup and produced an interactive prototype before developing the actual website. Throughout the process, regular client meetings ensured approvals and necessary adjustments.


I organized the content provided by the client in a text format and visualized it as a map to grasp the overall structure. Additionally, I included notes on setting up internal links for each page, using widgets, and configuring the CMS, which helped streamline the subsequent tasks.


Based on the site map, I created a wireframe. Using Adobe XD’s prototyping tool, I tested the wireframe on screen to review the content sequence and site structure for any necessary adjustments. To ensure quick creation and revisions, I worked in low fidelity.

Visual design & Prototyping

The organization operates within the entertainment industry but also receives support from municipalities and educational institutions.

To balance professionalism with playfulness, I prioritized a clear layout and incorporated elements such as irregular shapes in the background and subtle animations, ensuring the design remains engaging without confusing the user. 

The prototype was used for final review before actual development and as a reference during the construction phase.

Since the launch of the website, Breda Game City has experienced significant growth. The organization’s LinkedIn followers have surpassed 1,300, and they now host seasonal meetup events. Additionally, the number of companies and games listed on the directory pages has doubled. Although indirectly, I believe the branding and website design, serving as the gateway to the community, have also played a supportive role in their success.

Year: 2022
Client: Breda Game City (NL)
Credits: Lothar Zhou (Photographer)

(Please note that the current live version of the website has been modified by the client and does not fully reflect my original design.)


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Brand Identity, Web/UI design, Elementor development