Screenplay, Direction, Post production

An independent short film addressing the modern phenomenon of obsession with social media.


“thoth” is a three-minute film showcasing a girl’s obsession with stalking her ex-boyfriend on social media. She is chosen to test a dubious app that claims to provide answers to any question she asks.


1.Short film

1. Short film

I began by writing the screenplay, then assigned roles to the cast and crew and conducted the shooting. Using the storyboard and shot list prepared beforehand, I directed the production. Post-production tasks included editing, color grading, visual effects, and sound.


The screenplay was crafted from personal experiences that reflect the challenge of disconnecting from modern social media.
Initially, I aimed to write a thought-provoking story akin to the Netflix series “Black Mirror.” After some deliberation, I chose to draw from my own experiences, transforming them into an engaging narrative. After refining the concept, I completed a five-page screenplay (including a cover page) for a three-minute film.

Storyboard, Shotlist

Based on the screenplay, I created a storyboard to visualize the narrative progression. Carefully considering framing and shot types, I ensured each scene effectively conveyed its intended message.
Given the constraint of a day and a half for shooting, it was crucial to organize these details into a shot list and schedule the sequence for smooth production. These materials were shared with the cast and crew to ensure coordinated execution during this limited shooting window.



The visual tone I aimed for was dark and mysterious, fitting for a protagonist using a mysterious, sketchy app.

Initially, I opted for a neutral color correction, transitioning to an orange tone as the story unfolds into stranger territory. In terms of color grading, I applied low contrast and a slightly faded filter to enhance the creepy atmosphere.

VFX1 beforeVFX2 after
VFX2 afterVFX2 before

Visual Effects

The phone screen shown to depict what the protagonist sees was created separately in AfterEffects.

The design of the ‘app’ intentionally looks rudimentary to highlight its sketchy nature. 

Creating the aging face scenes involved exporting each frame as still images where the protagonist notices her significant aging. Afterward, I used a photo editing app with an aging filter to age each picture accordingly and compiled them into a motion sequence.

As both the screenwriter and director, I led the creative process from concept development to final production. While I managed the project independently during writing and editing, I directed others during the shooting phase. 

This project allowed me to demonstrate my ability to work effectively with a team as well as my skill in crafting compelling stories — a skill set I’d apply to creating impactful user stories and narratives.

Managing a creative project involving multiple collaborators taught me invaluable skills in directing creative endeavors and translating abstract concepts into engaging visual and narrative elements. I believe these skills are transferable and equip me to lead and execute creative projects across different mediums effectively.

Year: 2023
Client: N/A (Personal project)
Collaborators: Sofia Gargantini, Vlad Raikhberh, Daniel Gönczy, Delicia Goh, Tien Duc Funk (Production)
Filippa Rube, Errore Stangoni, Tai Terada (Cast)


01. Breda Game City

Brand identity, Web/UI design, Elementor development