ROYCE' Town Station Area Map

Signage design, Illustration

Area map signage design for the newly opened railway station in Hokkaido, Japan.


Royce’ Town Station is an infill railway station opened in 2022 in Tobetsu Town, a neighboring municipality of Sapporo, Japan. The station was established in collaboration with JR Hokkaido, Tobetsu municipality, and Royce’ Confect Co., Ltd., an internationally recognized confectionery company.



1. Signage

The map signage at Royce’ Town Station was designed to seamlessly integrate with both Royce’ and Tobetsu Town’s identities. Inspired by the cultural connection between Tobetsu and its sister city, Leksand, Sweden, the design embraces a warm Nordic aesthetic. The goal was to blend the brand’s identity with the town’s character, creating a feeling of welcome for visitors.


While maintaining Royce’s brand identity with their brand colors, the signage was crafted to harmonize with the imagery of both Royce’ and Tobetsu Town. The fonts were carefully selected for readability, ensuring the map’s functionality.

 The welcoming atmosphere was created through the overall design, particularly with the use of custom illustrations and the warm, inviting aesthetic inspired by the connection between Tobetsu Town and Leksand.


Original illustrations, custom-drawn specifically for this project, were incorporated to add a touch of playfulness to the signage.
(Some illustrations were color-adjusted to ensure they seamlessly blended into the overall design.)

The area around the newly established Royce’ Town Station was still undeveloped, aside from the buildings owned by Royce. As it is still in the early stages of development, the area could be described as sparse. However, the signage I created was able to bring a bit of vibrancy to this place by adding some lively atmosphere.
Initially, around 1,000 daily users and 400,000 yearly users were expected at the station. However, the actual number of users after the station’s opening exceeded expectations.
I’m glad to see the development of the area and I believe it has contributed to it.

Year: 2023
Client: Matsuoka Shoji (JP), ROYCE’ (JP)


04. thoth

Short film