Branding, Web / UI design, Elementor development

Identity, website design and development for the apparel brand that features Japanese traditional artworks with contemporary twist.


MODERN ERA is an apparel brand that blends traditional Japanese ukiyo-e art with modern styles. Their products feature illustrations inspired by ukiyo-e, mixed with contemporary elements like anime references and bold poses.


1. Brand Identity

The brand identity aimed to capture a streetwear feel targeting Gen-Z. I chose a symbolically strong Japanese font for the logotype to instantly convey the brand as one that delves into Japanese culture. 

The umbrella logomark was inspired by a scene from the manga ‘Hikaru no Go,’ where a character asks, ‘If we can send a man to the moon, why haven’t they made a better umbrella?’ This reflects the brand’s desire for customers to continue loving the products despite changing preferences, acknowledging that while some things evolve over time, others remain constant.

2. Website

he website creation process included content mapping, wireframing, and prototyping. E-commerce functionality was implemented using the WooCommerce plugin.

Year: 2023
Client: N/A (self-initiated project)


01. Breda Game City

Brand Identity, Web/UI design, Elementor development