The White Helmets: Line of Battle

Poster/booklet design exploring the media battle over a Syrian civil defense organization.

Graphic design, Editorial design
Year: 2017

The White Helmets: Line of Battle is a poster/booklet that depicts the involvement of various players in the media battle over The White Helmets in Syria using systematic diagrams. 

The White Helmets, a Syrian civil defense organization, operates under the motto of neutrality and impartiality. However, both US/Western and Russian media portray them differently, turning the organization into a focal point in the media battle over the Syrian war. 

This project aims to highlight the clash between Western countries and Russia through The White Helmets, illustrating the complexities of media narratives and geopolitical interests in the Syrian war.

To logically demonstrate relationships identified through research, the poster is horizontally divided into five sections representing the USA, Western Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and Asia as key “players.” Vertically divided into three sections representing government agencies, corporations and NGOs, and media entities, the diagram illustrates how these groups interact. 

To maintain neutrality as a designer addressing this contentious issue from a balanced perspective, the diagram uses neutral fonts and colors resembling machine-generated design.

The poster, foldable into booklet format, includes media battle headlines and subheadlines in the text section. In addition to capturing the intensity of the conflict, the bold use of red fonts serves as a warning against being confined to information from one side of the media spectrum.

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