League of European Video Game Lawyers

New website design for an alliance of European independent legal firms specializing in video game industry

Web/UI design
Year: 2022
Credit:  League of European Video Game Lawyers (Client)

League of European Video Game Lawyers is an alliance of independent firms born to provide highly-specialized legal advise, with an European approach, to the video game industry.

The client required a static website to establish their presence online.

After organizing the information the client wanted to include, I created a wireframe to ensure the structure met their approval. For the visual aspect, the brand style, including fonts and colors, was already established. Therefore, my focus was on designing an organized layout that enhanced the organization’s identity through the website while maintaining the visual guidelines already in place.

I envisioned a website that conveyed a sense of security and reliability, with an adventurous touch. This concept stemmed from imagining their organization as the “League of European Video Game Lawyers,” embarking on adventures in an open world to assist people as lawyers.

Using a gradient dark background helped achieve the desired mix of feelings, while the accent color of orange added an approachable element. The design is simple yet effective, prominently featuring the V logo to leave a strong impression of the organization.

*Please note that the current live version of the website has been modified by the client and does not fully reflect my original design.

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