1919 –1939

Environmental graphics for the exhibition tracing 20 years of Germany’s gradual indoctrination of anti-Semitism.

Environmental graphic design
Year: 2016
Credit: New-York Historical Society Museum: Casey Daurio (Exhibition designer)


“Anti-Semitism 1919–1939” was an exhibit held at the New York Historical Society in 2016.

The show traced the gradual indoctrination of both non-Jewish and Jewish citizens through daily words and images in Germany. Highlights included Hitler’s original 1939 Reichstag speech outline on the “Jewish Question,” anti-Semitic books and signs, and an original printing of the Nuremberg Laws.

The exhibition was featured
by the media such as the Wall Street Journal and the TImes of Israel.

I was responsible for the exhibition’s graphic elements, from conceptual development to execution.

Deepening my understanding of the exhibition’s content and its historical significance, I conducted visual research to find a style that best represented this dark period. Inspired by early 20th-century German graphic design, elements such as the sharp serif font and color scheme were incorporated into the exhibition logo and introductory panel.

Throughout the exhibition, condensed fonts were employed to intensify the subject matter while maintaining readability in the dimly lit environment.  The primary color chosen was dark green, symbolizing wartime themes. Given the predominantly dark and muted palette, mustard yellow was introduced as an accent color. This choice was inspired by the yellow David star forced upon Jewish people during the Holocaust, ensuring their presence was acknowledged amidst the exhibition’s narrative of Nazi propaganda and persecution.

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