Action Navigated is an exhibition about how cognitive science has been used to develop design. 
"Usability" is getting to be a more and more important design element in order to direct us to the proper way of using a product in this increasingly complex world. From mechanic devices to kitchen appliances, they are supposed to make our lives better and easier. However, at the same time, they are making our lives complicated, too.  You know that your smart phone has many convenient functions, but are you sure you are using all of them? Even if a product has great functions, it does not mean anything if we cannot use it properly.
Cognitive psychology has been used to find out the best design solution to navigate our next action. The exhibition was made to inform visitors how cognitive psychology has been used to develop design of our everyday objects.
The fragment shapes that are used for overall design represent the flexibility and complexity of our brain and its function. This element is applied to the exhibition logo as well. Since this science oriented topic could sound difficult and unapproachable for some people, a lot of vivid colors are selected for graphics to create fun and welcoming atmosphere.
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