Sayo Kato is a Japanese designer with a multidisciplinary background in the field of spatial design and graphic design. 
After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design major and gained a professional experience in New York City, she moved to the Netherlands for her master at the Design Academy Eindhoven in Information Design major. She received Master in Design in 2018 and currently based in the Netherlands. 
She believes that any stories are worth to be told and designer's role is to find the best way to express them to the world.

Apart from her being a designer, she's a foodie and a wanderluster. 

Please get in touch for more information
sayokatodesign@gmail.com  /  LinkedIn
Work till Die? (2018)
De Ingenieur – Alledaagse situaties inspireren design (NL)  June 18, 2018 

BRABANT CULTUREEL – Design wordt op alle fronten ingezet voor een betere wereld (NL) October 26, 2018

The Matter – เสรีภาพสื่อ ข่าวปลอม และการทำงานหนักเกินไป 5 งานออกแบบน่าสนใจใน Dutch Design Week 2018 (TH) November 4, 2018
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