Film direction, scriptwriting, post production


Client:  N/A (Personal project)
Sector: N/A

A thought-provoking sci-fi short film exploring the consequences of online obsession. 

The film depicts a girl who cannot move on from her ex-boyfriend. While she’s stalking him on social media, she receives a notification that she has been selected as a tester for a mysterious app called ‘Thoth’ – an app that claims to provide answers to any question.

Direction, Script, Post-Production: Sayo Kato
DoP: Sofia Gargantini, Vlad Raikhberh
Assistant director and boom operator: Daniel Gönczy, Delicia Goh, Tien Duc Funk 

Madison: Filippa Rube
Classmate: Errore Stangoni
Ken: Tai Terada

The film was created during the 4 weeks short course 2023 at the Catalyst Institute in Berlin.